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On behalf of the Vacuum Society of Australia, it is my pleasure to invite you to join us for the first fully online immersive Virtual Vacuum Congress 2021.

The pandemic has been an enormous disruption to life and to daily research and now more than ever it is critical for the community to meet allowing us to disseminate new results, discuss and debate problems, meet new colleagues, explore and find out about products, extend and build new experiments, get inspired, plan new projects and collaborations, and just have a bit of fun while doing this.

We believe creating this event as a virtual experience will lead to totally new avenues for us to interact, in meaningful and productive ways, allowing a broad swath of students and early career scientists to participate, and those that support us to advertise their work to a broad community and to the Government that funds the research.

An outstanding scientific program is currently being developed and includes an array of current topics covering the nine scientific and technical divisions of the VSA, including:

  • 2D materials
  • Advanced instrumentation and techniques
  • DFT for electron and neutron spectroscopy
  • Automated and remote measurements
  • Bioinspired surfaces, interfaces, nanostructures
  • Catalysis and electro/photochemistry
  • Coatings
  • Energy  – Hydrogen
  • Films for 3D printing
  • Large facilities (next generation neutron and light sources)
    • Extreme Light Infrastructure
    • Laser driven neutron sources
  • Multiferroics, thermoelectrics
  • Nanostructured materials in medicine
  • Nanofluidics, nanofiltration
  • Nanobiogeo surface studies
  • Negative electron affinity surfaces
  • Perovskite structures
  • Plasma for medicine, agriculture, and the environment
  • Plasma sources
  • Photovoltaics
  • Rare-earths for renewable energy sources
  • Surface chemistry and vacuum science for food
  • Thin film composites and magnetic films
  • Transition metal oxides
  • Virtual education and events
  • Vacuum measurement and control
  • Vacuum systems for large facilities and infrastructure
    • Accelerators, fusion, fission,  transport
  • Vacuum Technology for Quantum Applications

Additionally, there are many new and exciting opportunities available for companies to participate in our online exhibition during the Congress. Sponsors and exhibitors are invited to experience our intuitive platform and engage with key individuals at an event that will be streamed semi-live and will remain on demand for one month after the event ends. Please get in touch with my team to discuss your virtual involvement.  The virtual format provides the opportunity to present in both oral and poster sessions alongside experts in the field. Information on Keynote Speakers and the Congress program will be available shortly and I recommend you sign up to our mailing list to keep up to date with the latest information.

I look forward to seeing you all in our virtual vacuum world.

Dr Anton Stampfl
ir – Virtual Vacuum Congress 2021

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